Your plants whisper their secrets every day…
Here’s how to become a better listener

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Do you want to…

  • have a high level of confidence in your decisions throughout the crop cycle?
  • Reduce crop loss by getting early warnings of conditions that may lead disease outbreaks?
  • Discover where expensive CO2 is being wasted?
  • understand how much stress your plants are really under? 
  • Know exactly how much sunlight is reaching your crop?
  • discover more ways to optimize your crop yield?
  • Get clear on the true irrigation needs of your plants?
  • Develop a more effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to avoid additional chemical spraying?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Folium is for you.

Introducing Folium moveable bluetooth wireless sensors

Folium is a climate monitoring system that monitors multiple readings* in multiple locations across your growing area. This enables you to quickly identify problematic microclimates that affect production.

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* Temperature, Relative Humidity, PAR, RAD, CO2 and Barometric pressure plus plant temperature and soil/substrate moisture (external sensors required)

Find problematic microclimates affecting your crops

View climate data

Most requested features now available

Folium 2.0 accepts inputs from plant temperature sensors and moisture sensors (available from WayBeyond). The sensors plug directly into the base of the unit to provide crucial information on plant temperature, transpiration rates and plant irrigation needs.

Actual VPD 

Transpiration rates are crucial in understanding the needs of your plant. Using a plant temperature Folium can provide an actual value for Vapor Pressure Deficit to inform you about your plants transpiration rate. 

Dew Point

Moisture on the leaf surface increases the risk of pathogens like powdery mildew and botrytis. With Dew Point readings you can stay clear of climate conditions that lead to disease outbreaks.

Plant temperature


Knowing your plant temperature helps you better understand the rate of photosynthesis and also the stress on your plants from their environment. Folium accepts a plant temperature sensor to collect and visualize that data. Plug the sensor into the base of the unit and you’re ready to go.. 

Soil/substrate moisture


Using real-time data helps you better manage irrigation and nutrient delivery to increase yield and quality. There’s no guesswork on which plants are being overwatered and which are in need. Watering schedules can be adjusted accordingly so you use less water and less power running pumps, both of which contribute to your costs.

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